Change Color of Clothes to Any Color in Photoshop

by Vince DePinto

by Vince DePinto

In today’s video, we will be doing one of the most interesting things in Photoshop: Change color. We will be using a sweater, or any other clothes like a shirt or a pair of pants, as our subject to practice the color changing techniques. 

We always recommend using the Pen tool for an accurate selection of an object. You can also use Quick Selection tool or the new Select Subject function to make a selection as well. After we make a good selection, the color changing process can begin. We will be using Layer Masks, Hue & Saturation Adjustment Layers, and Curves Adjustment Layers to complete the process. 

Sometimes, hair selection on top of the clothes can be a problem as well. We will learn how to use Channels to quickly isolate the hair, and how to adjust the hair’s color, to make our final image look natural and amazing! 

Hope you also like this video and learn something new today!

0:30 Create a Selection with Feathered Edge of a Sweater
1:51 Use Layer Masks and Adjustment Layers to Change Color
4:16 Use Channels to Isolate Hair and Adjust Color
10:54 Change Color to Black and White 

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Sample Images Used in this Tutorial


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